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Should I Reupholster? hmmmmm.....

According to the American Furniture Manufacturer’s Association in High Point,  N.C., the American public spent $40.17 BILLION dollars on furniture and bedding in 2007. Ron Bartkowski, president of Furniture Rep’s Warehouse in Carol Stream, Ill., says “67 percent of those who bought wood furniture — and more than 80 percent of those who bought sofas — had no idea what kind of quality they were buying”.

“What they seem to do is buy for look, not for quality,” he says. “It’s the third most expensive purchase people make and yet they have little knowledge about it.”

Don't get me wrong, I GET it! I am a sucker for all of those fast fashion furniture sites. I can get lost for hours in a Wayfair/Ikea/Joss&Main rabbit hole. The truth is though, you never know the quality that you're getting. They don't make them like they used to, is so true. Often the pieces that show up conveniently on our doorstep from theses sites are made with subpar materials and are mass produced in the fastest way possible. So that beautiful sofa that only cost $500 is only going to last you a year.

Reupholstering a quality piece will bring you years of comfy and stylish seating. It never ceases to surprise me just how fresh a grandma's couch can become with new fabric.

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